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You tube link to the lecture on Ragamala Paintings presented for Friends of Museums, Singapore 20 March 2023

Ragamala Paintings- a Monday Morning Lecture Presentation on this genre of Miniature paintings of India that pictorially depict the quality of the melody of a Raaga. Raga refers to a combination of musical notes in Indian Classical Music and a Mala refers to a garland. Therefore, Raga,mala Paintings are a visual melody of illustrated classical music.

Six Seasons Musical Motifs based on Ragamala Paintings , 2022

Inter connecting Music, Painting and Seasons These Series of Paintings were created for my Book Launch & Exhinition in May 2021. The theme was the interconnection between Seasons, Paintings & Music. The theme ‘Shat Ritu’ refers to the Six Seasons experienced in the Indian Sub-Continent. Divine flute music credit to Raghavendran Rajasekaran, Raga Charukesi. After a successful first round, the second print set is ready. For a preview or to Order the book, drop in a mail at #paintingseasons #booklaunch #Indianart #acrylicpainting #spring #summer #monsoon #autumn #earlywinter #winter #shatritu #acryliconcanvas #musicandart #meditation

Indian Art- Pata Chitra Painting Creative Process, 2022

Art Music Meditation through Indian Art! Patta Chitra Painting on theme of eternal love depicting Radha-Krishna. Flute by Raghavendran Rajasekaran. The divine music is set in Raga Ahir Bhairavi. A minute and a half of calm….. #artmeditation #pattachitrapainting #indianart #Raga #ahirbhairavi #calm

Art Tutorial : Mixed Media Collage Creation

this video tutorial takes you through step by step process about how to create a mixed media collage.Video created as a guide to Young participants of UN Environment Day Contest

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