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Six Seasons Paintings, Indian Contemporary Art, Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

Clockwise: Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, PRe-Winter and Winter

These Six paintings were created for the solo exhibition and book launch at The Arts House and supported by National Arts Council, Singapore

Ajanta Mural Paintings, Indian Classical Art, Gouache On Paper 2014

Ajanta Cave Murals are the earliest classical form of Indian art that were created around the 6th Century CE and are preserved as a UNESCO site. Any student of Indian art will find these classical frescoes to be awe inspiring for their technical finesse, excellence in portraiture and high archival quality. Kumuda, recreated some of these murals for a solo exhibition in 2014 at The Arts House, Singapore.

The paintings are in the genre of Buddhist paintings and speak of the life of Buddha and his preachings through story telling. The painting of VAJRAPANI, was displayed at The Fullerton Hotel for The President’s charity Art Auction & Exhibition, 2015.

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