About Kumuda

Kumuda is a visual artist engaged in enriching lives through art education. Kumuda has over ten years of experience in creating & teaching art in Singapore. She holds a Certificate in Western Art (Part Time) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Her vision is to create an enriched environment of skill-based training for visual arts such as drawing, painting, and sculpting in Singapore. She has a passion for painting and is an artist who encourages awareness and appreciation for visual arts- especially Indian Art.

Some of her achievements include being the Indian art content provider for Singapore President’s Charity Art Exhibition and Auction 2015. To commemorate that event, a limited-edition postal stamp bearing one her art works was released by Singapore Post. MRT (public transport prepaid) cards released to commemorate that event also bore one of the artworks created for the event. She has created a visual narrative of the Ramayana in Mithila Art, which was exhibited in the Arts House, Parliament Lane, Singapore in 2014. She was invited to be TED X Speaker for a Singapore International school on the topic of ‘Breaking Boundaries’. She has co-authored a book titled ‘Introduction to Indian Folk Art Painting’ in Singapore.

She has designed a skill-based curriculum for visual arts for students at International Schools and for workshops in local schools. She has designed a 20 Week curriculum for Beginners Level Digital Art Course for Global Indian Cultural Centre to teach digitally created art- work using free to air software which includes using menu guided brush libraries and mathematical tools. These classes are held online through virtual lessons. She has been invited to National Day Celebrations Marine Parade GRC 2020 for conducting online workshop titled ‘Tree of Life’.

To create an awareness and appreciation for visual arts as a means of art therapy she has conducted workshops that encourage senior citizens to improve hand-eye co-ordination through drawing, painting and sculpting. She was invited to conduct such workshops at several Voluntary Welfare Organisations on behalf of Esplanade Outreach programmes.

She has worked with major institutions such as Esplanade and Indian Heritage Centre to provide insight into traditional arts and crafts. She has conducted workshops for major institutions such as National Heritage Board, National Arts Council, High commission of India, Temasek Polytechnic, La Salle College of Arts Artwalk Events, SOTA, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Yishun Health Hospital and others to provide insight into arts and crafts. She has conducted Corporate Workshops for GIC, ASM Pacific Technology, CitiBank and others.

She has authored three books on Indian Art titled

 ‘Six Seasons Musical Motifs in Indian Art’ https://a.co/d/3aWvgJb,  

‘Visual Melodies-Illustrated Music in Indian Miniature Painting’ https://a.co/d/3RNPDvU

  ‘Introduction to Indian Folk- Art Painting’ https://a.co/d/64xIBDQ

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